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Seeking a person to lead singing and provide musical accompaniment as well as other incidental music, at Unitarian community gatherings on first and third Sundays each month (September to June), $100/Sunday. Relevant experience required. Music to reflect Unitarian Universalist values. See position description: Applications for this position are to be sent to the Administrative Coordinator: Please include your contact information, relevant experience, and a letter stating why you think you would be suited for this position given its responsibilities.

Deadline for application: June 20.



Music Director – Contract Position Description

Purpose: The Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship values musical participation as an important component of our community life.

The Music Director is to nurture and encourage the congregation’s musical development while building multigenerational connections through its community gatherings.

The Music Director is a self-employed contract position to provide the services outlined below. The contract runs for the program year, i.e. September 1 through June 30, and is renewed or reassigned each year.

Services to be Provided:
1. Preparing for and providing appropriate music for Unitarian community gatherings for the first and third Sundays (4:00 –5:10 pm), including singing accompaniment for community songs as well as a couple of pieces of additional music (instrumental and/or sung). Instrumentation would be piano and, as appropriate, include other instruments (such as guitar, banjo, flute, etc.).
• The Music Director takes into account our Unitarian Universalist Principles and Sources, as well as the monthly theme and mood of the gathering.
• Over the year, the Music Director provides a variety of music styles and genres, while building on the repertoire of songs the Fellowship knows from the two Unitarian songbooks, Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey.
• The Music Director works co-operatively with the Consulting Minister, other community gathering coordinators, staff, and volunteers. As the overall community gathering coordinator, the Consulting Minister has the authority to make final decisions about music for the Sunday gatherings she/he leads; this applies as well for any guest Unitarian minister who is leading a gathering.
• Please be aware that although a Sunday gathering is held between 4-5:10pm, the hourly commitment involved in each gathering is as follows:

o 2-3 hours of music selection including researching potential repertoire and weekly communication with consulting minister and other gathering coordinators. This also includes emailing the song titles to be sung in the upcoming gathering to the Administrative Coordinator by the Wednesday prior (to be included in that week’s e-mailed Communicator information for people who wish to review and practice ahead of time).
o 2-¬3 hours of practice and pre¬-gathering warm¬-up (depending on songs and music used)
o 2 hours for the community gathering (including set¬up, consulting with community gathering coordinator, 4:00-5:10pm gathering, and take down)

2. Participate in other community gatherings as requested and as available. An additional fee will be paid per service (see contract for details). The Community Gathering Team leader will negotiate with the music director about additional participation (based on that year’s budget).
3. Possible future projects include: children’s choir and adult choir. Participation, hours and fees would be negotiated (with an option to subcontract and oversee these projects).
4. Meet four times a year (or as needed) with the Community Gathering Team to co-ordinate music programming.
5. Submit an annual report to the Board.

Lines of Communication: The Music Director is responsible to The Board.

(Position approved by the Board, December 1, 2013, revised June 2019)l