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Self Compassion Workshop

17. Self-Compassion Workshop donated by Celia Laval Audience = Adults Only Do you struggle to be kind to yourself? We will work with research and practices for self-compassion using the work of Kristin Neff, Christopher Germer. It involves some writing, imagining, and...

Family Games Extravaganza

16. Family Games Extravaganza donated by Dan Vie and Celia Laval Audience = All Welcome A reprise of our ever-popular, fun and always silly all-ages games event. Be prepared to let your hair down and exercise your imagination muscles. Warning: these games may lead to...

Tall Tales: A Story Circle

15. Tall Tales: A Story Circle donated by Dan Vie Audience = Adults Only A story circle for sharing fantastically implausible, impossible, but quite-possibly-true stories (but it doesn't have to be!). Please prepare a 5 - 10 minute 'tall tale' to tell. If we're still...

10k Hike and Picnic

14. Hike of approximate 10km and picnic donated by Wanda Harssema and Allen Prosser Audience = All Welcome A walk along the Puntledge River starting from Comox Lake Recreation Area outside of Cumberland. The hike is 10 km to the next dam. At the 5 km mark there will...

Campfire, Hotdog Roast and Singalong

13. Campfire hot dog roast and singsong. Donated by Robyn Rushford and Keith Wallace Audience = All Welcome When we can meet again in person, we'll host a summer evening sing song campfire in our back yard, where 8/10 participants will grill hot dogs over a firepit....

Salmon Fishing Fun

12. Salmon Fishing Fun donated by Guy Wassick Audience = All Welcome 2 separate trips out of Saratoga Beach; each trip for 2 any/all age fishers (plus parental observer free), 4 hours of fishing. On board Guy Wassick’s very stable 29 foot “Sitkum”. Planned for Aug 15...

Editing of Your Writing

11. Editing of your writing. donated by Wendy McNiven Audience = All Welcome I will proof-read your written work for grammar, spelling and sentence construction. I will offer suggestions for clarity of writing style, sequencing of ideas, focus and impact. Price listed...

The Beast Feast

The Beast Feast donated by Dan and Juliana Leahy Audience = Adults Only Enjoy an evening of feasting on free range, wild, venison. We shall break bread together and fill our bellies with meat cooked to perfection, including gravy (gluten free as well as non gf),...

Zoom Poetry Reading by Janet Vickers

A Zoom poetry reading donated by Janet Vickers Audience = All Welcome A Zoom poetry reading by Vancouver Island Poet Janet Vickers Saturday November 7, 2020 @ 7:30 pm Set fee of $10. Zoom link to be sent to all those that sign up. If you have trouble signing up on the...

8.4 Hours of Babysitting

8. 4 hours of Babysitting. donated by Annelies Henckel Audience = Children Only Highly accomplished childcare provider... she can entertain your kids in English, Spanish, or French. Children love her, and she BAKES, too ! Seats Available = 3 Estimated Value: $50...

Mexican Dinner for 4

Mexican dinner for 4 people donated by Sarah Sutmoller (Henckel) Audience = All Welcome Head chef, Annelies Henckel, will boss around her prep-cook, Sarah. And create a dazzling array of taste sensations, visual presentations, and delicious food, with her Mexican cook...

Nepali Dinner for 4

Nepali Dinner for 4 people. donated by Sarah Sutmoller (Henckel) Audience = All Welcome Delicious 4 course Nepal-inspired dinner, with entertainment for you and 3 of your favorite friends. One bid, but for a group of 4 people. Four individuals or 2 couples can join...

Chronic Disease Prevention Nutrition

Chronic Disease Prevention Nutrition donated by Rachel McBryan Audience = Adults Only This zoom class will cover the latest evidenced based nutrition knowledge and cover the NEW! Canada Food Guide to prevent cancer, heart disease and even help ward off age related...

BBQ at Liz and Greg’s

3. BBQ at Liz & Greg's Home donated by Greg & Liz Audience = All Welcome Join Greg and Liz for a great BBQin their sunny backyard. We will supply a selection of delicious burgers, salads, sides, desserts and beverages for adults and kids. If the weather is...

Hand Chimes

ITEM# 114 Brass chimes from Nepal donated by Wendy McNiven sound these chimes to start and end your meditation! Estimated Value: $25 MINIMUM BID = $10 Email with your bid

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm #2

ITEM# 113 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm donated by Comox Fire Hall 1 smoke and carbon monoxide alarm , complete with 10 year batteries. Estimated Value: $50 MINIMUM BID = $25 Bid to date; Juliana $50 Email with your bid

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

ITEM# 112 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm donated by Comox Fire Hall 1 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm, complete with 10 year batteries Estimated Value: $50 MINIMUM BID = $25 Bid to date; Juliana $50 Email with your bid

Wildfire Protection Sprinkler Kit

ITEM# 111 Full Wildfire protection kit donated by Comox Fire Hall Full Wildfire Protection Kit, including home and external sprinkler, it comes with 2 sprinklers, 2 high pressure garden size hoses and 2 brackets...

Edible Island Gift Basket

ITEM# 110 Gift Basket donated by Edible Island (care of Juliana Leahy) Estimated Value: $125 MINIMUM BID = $35 Email BID or Buy Now request to:

French Children’s CDs

ITEM# 109 Five French Children's CDs donated by Matt Maxwell Matt Maxwell has sold over 100,000 French children's albums & has 1000 concerts across Canada. He is offering a package of five different CDs, featuring over 60 melodic, original songs. Estimated Value:...

Dreamsinger Comics

ITEM# 108 Dreamsinger Musical Graphic Novels donated by Matt Maxwell Episodes 1 & 2 from Matt Maxwell's 'Dreamsinger' musical graphic novel, inspired by an Indigenous youth he knew as a starting teacher. Each (full-colour) graphic novel also includes a card-style...

Singing Bowl

ITEM# 107 Tibetan Singing Bowl donated by Wendy McNiven Brass singing bowl to either strike or make sing, with wooden striker/ stick. Made and purchased in Nepal. Estimated Value: $90 MINIMUM BID = $25 Email with your bid

2 Nights at Malcolm Island Getaway

ITEM# 106 . Malcolm Island Getaway donated by Liz Aldridge Down by the Sea....... 2 nights' stay in detached cabin at Bob and Liz's in Mitchell Bay on Malcolm Island. Perfect for a couple or small family. Family 'fur person' also welcome but property not fenced. Bring...

Cowichan Sweater

ITEM# 105 Adult Authentic Cowichan Sweater donated by Juliana Leahy Adult sized, zipper front sweater, in good shape, with pockets. Knitted with the wool from a friend's grandparents' sheep farm in Victoria. The wool was then brought to a Coast Salish Tribe in the...


ITEM# 101 Wooden Upholstered Chair donated by Donna Ziner Compact older armchair; mostly dark wood. Scalloped pattern dark upholstery. Estimated Value: $25 MINIMUM BID = $10 Email with your bid

Beer/Wine Making Equipment

ITEM# 100 Beer/Wine making equipment donated by Donna Ziner Primary and Secondary Fermenters; bubble valve; hoses, 8 dozen beer bottles, 5 of them in wooden cases; caps, capper, cleaning supplies, more. Estimated Value: $75 MINIMUM BID = $35 Email...

Lifestyle Reboot

A Full Lifestyle Reboot, donated by Online Lifestyle Reboot with Nutrition Assessment and follow-up. Get your health back on track.

Violinist at your dinner

Our very own Heather Gatland will come to your home and accompany your dinner with a violin performance that is sure to enrich your dining experience.