Keeping Our Balance: Canvass 2021

Dear Members and Friends,                                                                                               

At the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship, we support each other and those beyond our walls because we pool our resources of energy, skills, money and time. Each gives as they are able and together, we put our values into action.

A few years ago, we had dreams: to nurture a vibrant, spiritually satisfying experience of fellowship for children, youth and adults. We were able to achieve that with the support of our members and friends as well as from outside granting sources. To continue to live these dreams and strengthen our community life, we want to be self-supporting. The direction the Fellowship has bravely taken to be a relevant, engaging 21st Century spiritual community is on the cutting edge of our Unitarian Universalist movement in North America. We are making our Sunday spiritual gatherings more mutually engaging, offering a variety of content, musically current and community-building, and inclusive of all ages. Our small groups for children, parents, and adults are the lifeblood of this community. We are transformed by them and each other.

On behalf of the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship’s Board of Trustees, we offer our heartfelt thanks for your support.

Arlene Bell    –   Treasurer
Rev. Meg Roberts    –   Consulting Minister

Unitarian Giving Guide

It is both financial and human resources that enable CVUF to be healthy and sustainable.
We all have different financial situations. Some have more financial resources available than others. Your generosity renews CVUF and you can feel positive about putting your values to work.

Before-tax Income

** Federal + BC Tax deduction assumes 20.06% reduction on first $200
and 43.7% reduction on amounts over $200 (2018 tax rates)

Keeping Our Balance: 2021 Pledge Form

  • Financial Pledge

  • Method of Payment

  • PADs are made out to the CVUF account at the Coastal Community Credit Union (CCCU) 4th Street, Courtenay Branch. Copy of PAD form included in CVUF website forms. Identifiable Sunday Offerings are, for example, in an envelope with your name on it.
  • We welcome your willingness to serve and will attempt to match your preferences, interests and abilities with the Fellowship’s needs.