Canvass 2024 – Making Meaning

The Canvass for 2024 provides the resources to meet our goal:

To nurture a vibrant, spiritually satisfying experience of fellowship for children, youth and adults while operating on a sound financial foundation.

We appreciate all the support provided by members and friends, each according to their financial situations.

Dear Members and Friends:

2024 CVUF Canvass: Making Meaning

We are all here in fellowship because we are engaged in the process of Making Meaning.  Our fourth Principle makes that explicit.  The Meaning Making in Liminal Times series is our most recent new initiative to tackle that big question.

I expect most of us have spent time looking inward, communing with the natural world, exploring with others, engaging in art, music and dance and other activities as ways to create connection and meaning, and as windows through which we might get a glimpse of that great mystery beyond that gives meaning to our existence.

This Fellowship plays a significant role, at least for me, in that search.  We provide Sunday Services that give us a space and time out of our busy lives for reflection and inspiration. We also provide music, interaction, small group explorations, social justice activities and social activities. 

Each year at this time we ask you to invest your time, talents, and financial resources so we can continue to offer you these opportunities.  The pledge is a way of letting us know what you intend to invest in terms of time, talents and financial resources in the coming year, so we can continue to provide you with those opportunities.

Watch your email inbox for our 2024 canvass package.  It will arrive in early November. Canvass information will also be posted on our CVUF.CA website.

George Penfold, Treasurer

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