FUNraiser 2024

Goods and Services Auction, May 18, 2024, 4:30 p.m.

Comox United Church

The CVUF Fellowship will once again be hosting our ever popular and exciting FUNraiser Auction. It’s a great and FUN opportunity for members and friends to support the Fellowship and to spend time having fun with each other in a laid back, social setting.

The FUNraiser is a combination potluck, yard sale, and live auction of donations made by you, and local businesses.

Donations are items you put up for auction and agree the money you receive when they are sold will be donated to the CVUF, and you will get a charitable receipt for those funds.

Suggestions and examples from previous FUNraisers include:

Hosted activities and events: bike tour, assorted types of dinners, brunches, lunches or other meals for 4, 6 or more, movie or games nights, skating party, tea in the garden, picnic lunch, storytelling evenings, tour of workplace, round of golf, day of sailing, hiking, card or game parties

Services: bike tune-ups, computer or letter writing help, lessons (voice, Pilates, music, yoga), garden advice or help, family tree research, dog sitting, handyman services, spring cleaning, coaching, fitness, massage, reiki or tarot card reading sessions, transportation services, car washes, use of a van, truck or trailer for a day, weekend cottage getaway, camping, a week in Hawaii

“Yard Sale” Items:

Home-made food items such as preserves, baked items, candy, lunches or dinners to go, gift baskets

Non-food items: Scarves, shawl, knitted items, clothing, paintings, photographs, pottery, homemade greeting cards, books, concert tickets, what have you?

Bring your yard sale items tagged with the price you think they are worth and set them out on tables we will have set up. Please have your item delivered by 4:00 p.m.  People can buy them for cash at your price, or if you want, include your name on the price tag, and interested buyers can come and haggle with you.  All sales will be first come, first served, and final.

For several weeks before the auction, we will be receiving donations of services and high value goods.  You can donate hosted activities and social events, services, food items, non-food items, workshops or anything else you think people might be interested in buying or participating in.

The “Yard Sale” will start at 4:30 p.m. Dinner will start at about 5:15 p.m.

The dinner will be a potluck.  Bring your favorite meal or dessert and share them with friends.

The Live Auction and dessert will follow the dinner.  The yard sale will end after the live auction, and if your item hasn’t sold you will be responsible for picking it up.  Any items not picked up will be donated to Too Good to be Threw.

How to donate an item or event:

In person: Fill out the Donation Form attached and leave it in the Church office, or give it to Dan, Mike G, Juliana, George or Greg. Forms will also be available on the Board table, back of Worship Hall.

Online: Use this link

Be sure to include your name and email address, and a full description of donated item or service, # of people/times/items, and the minimum bid.

If you have any problems, or if you have a high value “good” such as a painting, or a used car, contact Dan Leahy at or at 778-992-0615.

If you won’t be able to attend, but would like to place an advance bid, contact Dan.  Advance bidders will be billed after the event and asked to send payment to Reverend Arran.  This will keep any advance bidders identity requiring “inclusivity” financial support confidential to all except Arran.  If you cannot make the auction, we will be sending out a catalog of auction events a week or so prior to the auction.  Please phone Dan with your advance bids @ no later than 24 hours prior to auction @ 778-992-0615

If you have any questions, please call or email Dan at or at 778-992-0615

How do you pay?

The FUNraiser is about raising money for the fellowship, and about having fun. We believe in inclusiveness, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun because they have limited resources, especially this year with the impacts of Covid 19.

So, everyone who signs up for the auction will get a credit of $100. You will be billed for the amount you spend over that credit of $100.

But wait a minute you might say, if everyone gets a “free” $100, how can we raise any money? Good question!

We will let you know what you’ve spent. Depending on your means, and what you’ve spent, you can respond in one of the following ways.

–      If you’ve spent more than $100, you can reimburse the Fellowship by adding $100 to the amount you are billed.

–      If you’ve spent less than $100 you can reimburse the Fellowship for the amount that you actually spent.

–      You can reimburse the Fellowship with as much, or as little as you are able, but don’t be shy about spending that $100 credit!

If you have resources, and want to help out those who don’t, you can also reimburse the Fellowship with more than you’ve spent, and in that way, help out those with limited resources!

Let’s help the Fellowship, help each other, and have some fun!

Download Funraiser Details with Printable Form