A Service to Celebrate the Life of 

Peter Chandler 


Sat. March 27, 2021, 2:00 pm    for the zoom link, please email Meg Roberts: mroberts@uuma.org

Officiant: Rev. Meg Roberts 

Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship 

Territorial Acknowledgment and Opening Words: Rev. Meg Roberts Opening Poem: My Heart Soars by Chief Dan George 

Chalice and Candle Lighting in Honour of Peter’s Life 

Lola Mortensen (Peter’s wife) and Jann Bain (Lola’s daughter) 

Other family and friends are invited to light a candle if they wish to. 

Cycle of Life: Rev. Meg Roberts 

Song: Spirit of Life, words & music: Carolyn McDade, sung by Jane Lewis and Stephen  Preece, Stephen Preece on piano, video courtesy of the Grand River Unitarian Congregation 

Poem: Miss Me but Let Me Go by Edward Allan Guest, 

read by Skarlat Mortensen (Lola’s daughter) 

Eulogy: by Jim Chandler (Peter’s son) 

Reflections (Part 1): 

Louise Baur (Peter’s sister), Jann Bain (Lola’s daughter) 

Meditating on Images of Peter: 

slideshow created by Daisy and George Stocker (Peter’s sister and brother-in-law) 

Reflections (Part 2)

Peter’s grandchildren: Kazuma Sakakibara, Gillian Chandler, Lauren Chandler  Peter’s friends: Brenda Cooper, Jack Robertson  

Song: Remember Me, sung by the Comox Valley Threshold Choir, 

soloists Shirley Buchan and Arlene Bell 

Closing Words: He is Gone by David Harkins,  

read by Zoe Chandler (Peter’s granddaughter) 

Extinguishing the Flames: Rev. Meg Roberts