Why Do We Celebrate?

Our theme for June

Celebrate with Song!

Led by Rev. Meg Roberts and Kazimea Sokil, our out-going music director.

4 pm on June 2

Please stay for potluck dinner after the service.

SATURDAY - One World Chant and Meditation

co-hosted by Comox United Church and CV Unitarian Fellowship

These will continue through the summer on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

June 9 – 5:00 pm

Youth Service

led by the Youth Group – bring your Creative Self!

4 p.m. June 10

Flower Communion

led by Kazimea Sokil

Bring a Flower to contribute to the community bouquet!

4:00 June 17 – Sunday

SATURDAY - Taize service

Contemplative service of Christian readings, prayer and silence in the sanctuary

5:00 pm  Saturday June 23

Summer Break

June 24th –  no service.

Our Sunday services will resume in September, with a Water Communion ceremony.  Save water of spiritual significance to you, over the summer.

Have a good summer!

CV Unitarian Fellowship Worship Services


We offer weekly Sunday services from September until the end of June.  Sunday services start promptly at 4pm and go to 5-5:15pm. Come in early to say hello to others, take children to their programs and get settled before services begin. Services come in a variety of formats to nurture our spiritual and intellectual exploration. They are a chance for our community to come together to learn, grow and share their appreciation of Life.

Monthly Themes

The Worship Committee and the Alternative Services Team are happy to announce the themes to explore this 2017-2018 year in our fellowship:

Our monthly themes this coming program year are:

September: Promise – What holds promise?

October: Healing –  What supports healing?

November: Story  – How does your story shape your life?

December: Presence – What does presence mean this season?

January: Cycle of Life – How do we celebrate the cycle of life?

February: Unity in Diversity – How do we hold unity in diversity?

March: Simplify – Where can I simplify?

April: Privilege – What does privilege look like?

May: Replenish – How can I replenish myself spiritually?

June: Celebrate – Why do we celebrate?

Service Schedule:


First and Third Sundays: All ages start together.  After The Story for All Ages, the children go off to their program.

Second Sunday: Spirit in Practice: Each service will experince a different spiritual practice introduced by either one of our members or friends.

Fourth Saturday: Taizé Service: A Christian prayer service with readings, songs and silence. Please enter quietly through the main front door. The Taizé services are co-sponsored by Comox United Church and the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship.

Fourth Sunday: TED Talk & Discussion: After viewing a 20 minute TED talk video, Natasha Baert facilitates this service with the intention of exploring how the talk might actually influence our lives.

Fifth Sunday: Multi-generational Service: These engaging services where young people often take the center stage provide the opportunity for them to experience joining with adults to create a sacred space. The theme is usually earth centered spirituality.

We’re innovating. IDEAS & suggestions are encouraged ! If you run across any resources on any of these themes (readings, quotes, books, films, TED Talks/videos), please email them to Rev. Meg Roberts, so we can enrich our packets with your input. (mroberts@uuma.org) If you have an idea for a Sunday service (traditional or spiritual practice), please email Jane Fox (janefoxincomox@gmail.com) or Rev. Meg. We are excited to explore what it means to be Canadian Unitarian Universalists living and serving in the 21st Century.

View the events calendar to see upcoming Services.