Have a Great Summer! Regular Sunday services will resume in September.

4th Saturday Taize services continue.

Remember to save some water from a summer event that strikes a spiritual chord with you.

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4th Saturdays in July and August at 5:00 – Taizé Service

Christian prayer service with readings, song and silence.  Please enter quietly through main door.  Co-sponsored with Comox United Church

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Sunday, September 3 at 4:00 – “Water Communion”

with Rev. Meg Roberts –

save some Water over the summer for the communal bowl

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CV Unitarian Fellowship Worship Services

We offer weekly Sunday services from September until the end of June.  Sunday services start promptly at 4pm and go to 5-5:15pm. Come in early to say hello to others, take children to their programs and get settled before services begin.

Services come in a variety of formats to nurture our spiritual and intellectual exploration. They are a chance for our community to come together to learn, grow and share their appreciation of Life.

Monthly Themes

The Worship Committee and the Alternative Services Team are happy to announce the overarching theme to explore this 2016-2017 year in our fellowship:

the Canadian Unitarian Council’s new vision statement and aspirations.

These 5 Aspirations guide us in living out our faith:

As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we are Deeply Connected, Radically Inclusive, Actively Engaged, Theologically Alive, and Spiritually Grounded.
(For the full statement, go to http://cuc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/CUC-Vision-Statement.2016-05.pdf)

Based on it, here are our monthly themes:
Sept. – Seven principles guide our choices

Oct. – Six sources nourish our spirits

Nov. – Deeply Connected
As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we aspire to be: Deeply Connected
We strive to foster healthy relationships amongst and within UU communities, with the broader world and with all life.

Dec. – Radically Inclusive
We strive to create hospitable, diverse, multi- generational communities.

Jan. – Interdependence
We envision a world in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice.

Feb. – Love and justice
(This will be the CUC Canada-wide theme for that month.)

March – Actively Engaged
We strive to work joyfully for a just and compassionate society, experimenting with new forms of community.

April – Theologically Alive
We seek to be ever-evolving in our understanding, open to new knowledge.

May – Spiritually Grounded
We seek transformation through personal spiritual experiences and shared ritual.

June – Living our Vision
Having explored the various aspects of the vision, what does it look like to live this in our Fellowship and in our CUC movement as we reach out to the larger community?

If you run across any good readings, films, TED Talk videos, books, or quotes, on any of these themes, please send them to me: mroberts@uuma.org .

If you have an idea for a Sunday service (traditional or spiritual practice), please email Jane Fox (janefoxincomox@gmail.com) or myself. We are excited to explore what it means to be Canadian Unitarian Universalists living and serving in the 21st Century!

Service Schedule:

First and Third Sundays: We will have our traditional format and all ages start together in the Sanctuary and after The Story for All Ages, the children go off to their program.

If you and/or your children like singing, come at 3:45 pm for the Early Bird Sing.

Second Sunday: Spirit in Practice: Each service will explore experientially a different spiritual practice introduced by either one of our members or friends.

Fourth Saturday: Taizé Service: A Christian prayer service with readings, songs and silence. Please enter quietly through the main front door. The Taizé services are co-sponsored by Comox United Church and the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship.

Fourth Sunday: TED Talk & Discussion: After viewing a 20 minute TED talk video, Dominique McGrady facilitates this service with the intention of exploring how the talk might actually influence our lives.

Fifth Sunday: Multigenerational Service: These engaging services where young people often take the centre stage provide the opportunity for them to experience joining with adults to create a sacred space. The theme is usually earth centered spirituality.


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