What Am I Proud Of?

With Meg Roberts

Sunday, Oct 7 @ 4pm.

We gather to explore Pride, this months theme and things to feel proud about in our Unitarian community. 

Join us for our monthly potluck after the service. Everyone is welcome!

One World Chant and Meditation

Saturday 13 October @ 5pm.

Meditation, chants, and short readings from the various spiritual traditions, this contemplative gathering is co-hosted with Comox United Church.

These will continue through the summer on the 2nd Saturday of each month.


Spirit of Life Workshop

Sunday Oct 14  @ 4pm.  In the Hall.

Exploring different aspects of the spiritual life, framed by the lyrics of the well known Unitarian song,  “Spirit of Life.”, this is a new workshop series facilitated by Heather Kennedy- MacNeil.


"Death Matters"

A Public Information Series on Issues around Death and Dying

Wednesday Oct 10 @ 7pm.

Comox United Church offers an informational meeting entitled “Medical Assistance in Dying, Two Years In.”   


Our Gifts from Jesus and/or Christianity

Oct 21 @ 4pm. In the Hall.

We all have some baggage about Christianity or Jesus, whether we were raised Christian or not. Marvin Haave will lead in consideration of the baby that ought not be thrown out with the bathwater as we explore the gifts of U.U. sources.

Monthly Themes

We’re excited to explore these themes for our community this 2018-2019 year:

September: Possibilities 

October: Pride

November: Humility

December: Generosity

January: Forgiveness

February: Death/ dying

March: Birth/ rebirth

April: Spiritual Activism

May: Right Relations

June: Transitions

Sunday format schedule:

First and Third Sundays: All ages start together.  After The Story for All Ages, the children go off to their program.

Second Saturday: One World Chant and Meditation:  A mix of song and contemplation co-sponsored with Unity Church and Comox United Church.

Second Sunday: Spirit in Practice: Each gathering will focus on a different spiritual practice introduced by either one of our members or friends.

Fourth Saturday: Taizé Service: A Christian prayer service with readings, songs and silence. Please enter quietly through the main front door. The Taizé services are co-sponsored by Comox United Church and the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship.

Fourth Sunday: TED Talk & Discussion: After viewing a 20 minute TED talk video, participants join a facilitated discussion with the intention of exploring how the talk may influence our lives.

Fifth Sunday: FUUn Sundays.  Young people often take the center stage as leaders in these multigenerational gatherings focused on building connection between the generations through fun, games and socializing.

 IDEAS & suggestions are encouraged !  If you run across any resources on any of these themes (readings, quotes, books, films, TED Talks/videos), please email them to Rev. Meg Roberts, so we can enrich our packets with your input. (mroberts@uuma.org) If you have an idea for a Sunday gathering (traditional or spiritual practice), please email Jane Fox (janefoxincomox@gmail.com) or Meg Roberts.

We are excited to explore what it means to be Canadian Unitarian Universalists living and serving in the 21st Century.