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Presentation: CVUF members make request for State of Climate Emergency

May 24, 2019

May Partridge presented to Courtenay Council, May 21st, the request a State of Climate Emergency be declared. This presentation follows an earlier presentation in the month to Comox Council by Steve Faraher-Amidon and Mike Bell.

May did a phenomenal job speaking on the Climate Emergency at Courtenay Council, we had 7 CVUF members present in support and one member, Helen Boyd, of Comox United. The councilors, virtually all of them, commented on what great information and presentation May shared, and at least two said that her suggestions, a compilation basically of what the CVUF Climate Emergency letter had suggested, would appear in the final version of the actions the collective municipalities and the CVRD decide to do on this issue.

You can read May’s presentation here –May Partridge, Climate Emergency presentation, Courtenay Council, May 21, 2019-1

Or watch May’s presentation via the Council Video recording. https://www.courtenayvideo.ca/uploads/media/2019-05-21.html

May is the first delegate and starts her presentation at 1:15 on the video.

On May 28th Comox Valley Record published an article on the presentation.
You can read the article online here –

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