For Pete’s Sake:
An Inspiring Success

MARCH, 2016


“If I’ve got a talent, it’s for picking the right song at the right time for the right audience. And I can always seem to get people to sing with me.”   Pete Seeger 1964
If the March 1 “For Pete’s Sake” fundraising concert was any indication, Pete was supremely talented guy. The concert was sold out and the whole evening was one big singalong! It seemed everyone knew the words to almost every song. The church was filled with song, a bit of nostalgia, and most of all a really good time.

The music talent in this region is really fabulous. Tony Turner, Doug Cox, Bruce and Judy Wing, Helen Austin and Kim June Johnston were a pleasure to watch, listen to and sing along with. It always amazes me how talented musicians who have not been on the stage together before can jump in musically and vocally and improvise with each other to create great performances.

The “Pete stories” told by the musicians were an added bonus.

“Music can help. Music can actually heal us.” – Kim June Johnson
Comox United and the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship have developed a mutual covenant and have been sharing space and some services for over a decade now. This was our first attempt at working together on a joint fundraising event and it worked out well! The concert raised over $1,600 for Kus-kus-sum.

Thanks to the performers, especially Tony Turner who did most of the coordination and promotion, the volunteers from both congregations, and to Project Watershed for all the help in making the concert such a great success.

Written by George Penfold.       Photos by Amanda Ridgway

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