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Join The International Drawdown Challenge with us.

Mar 21, 2019

Feel despair about climate change?  The CVUF Social Justice folks believe that the antidote to despair is action and community!


Lets do the the international Drawdown Ecochallenge !
  Its from April 3 – 24th.


The Drawdown EcoChallenge is a 21-day engagement program focused on carbon reduction where participants choose challenges from a list devised by experts and then action the challenge locally.

Explore The Ecochallenge online from the comfort of your own home. You can choose one or more challenge actions.  It hardly takes any time and is both informative, effective and easy! With every challenge, there’s the option of finding out how this particular challenge makes a difference.

Its an exciting, easy and effective way of learning about and taking action on proven climate change solutions.

Learn more or join  here.

Team Comox Valley Unitarians, Comox United and Friends.

Although you can join individually, or we’d love you to join Team Comox Valley Unitarians, Comox United & Friends.  Thanks to Comox United for Joining us.

To join, simply press the button JOIN and then at the end of the registration, indicate which team you’re joining by indicating that you want to see groups in Canada, and we’re toward the bottom of the list.

And as a group we think this is an opportunity to see if our community is interested in this project. If so, we’ll do a much broader distribution to the wider community when the next Ecochallenge happens in the Fall.

The two organizations sponsoring this are Drawdown, which is based on the very popular book, “DRAWDOWN – the Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming” and the Northwest Earth Institute which has now created Ecochallenge – the format for their own Ecochallenge which happens in the fall.  They also create Ecochallenges for groups such as Drawdown which is the April Challenge. The NWEI has created many discussion circles which some of us have facilitated or participated in over the years such as Voluntary Simplicity or Deep Ecology.


SHARE WITH  FRIENDS & FAMILY!  We’d love to have them join in.

 if you’re having any problems registering or have any questions, email Heather at heatherk-mATshaw.ca or call her at 250 338-1947.


Learn more and register at the Ecochallenge website below.





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