2019 Pledge Form – Nourish your Spirit and Help Heal the World

Nourish your Spirit and Help Heal the World: 2019 Pledge Form

All Identified Contributions are tax deductible; you will receive a tax receipt for 2019. ~ Thank you for your continued support. ~
  • Financial Pledge

  • Method of Payment

  • PADs are made out to the CVUF account at the Coastal Community Credit Union (CCCU) 4th Street, Courtenay Branch. Copy of PAD form included in CVUF website forms. Identifiable Sunday Offerings are, for example, in an envelope with your name on it.
  • Pledge of Time and Skills

    Here are ways I am interested in investing my time and skills to support CVUF's vision. (For a full list of options, please contact Rev. Meg Roberts---mroberts@uuma.org.) Options with *: Because these roles work with vulnerable populations, it is CVUF policy that people have a criminal record check done before serving.
  • We welcome your willingness to serve and will attempt to match your preferences, interests and abilities with the Fellowship’s needs.